Based on our experiences in manufacturing operation area we decided to establish a company knowing that we will be able to use our knowledge in areas where this may have not yet been used so we can offer our clients a unique expertise.

We have extensive experience in implementation and operation of industrial IT systems.

We are committed to the widest possible use of Industry 4.0 technologies such as RFID to help simplifying industrial processes and opening new perspectives in the field of manufacturing automation.

We are constantly developing our existing knowledge and we are integrating them into our innovative solutions which can help our customers to improve their manufacturing processes.


                 Procurement of RFID devices                   and tags, Installation of RFID                   devices 

MES / RFID business system     Process planning, Implementation 

IT consulting    

BPR ERP - logistics

BPR MES / manufacturing – logistics

SaaS system services

High availability IT system operation  

Planning, consulting and operating enterprise IT networks

Custom application development, except WEB development 

SAP services